The fall of PR.Sundar

PR Sundar is mainly an options seller.
He take straddles when premiums are high.
He take one year ahead straddle and performs fire-fighting.
Now he got a new way to make money - Youtube.
The current markets are too volatile for his trading strategy.
He is trying to predict markets, buy naked calls etc.
He is making a fool of himself by giving predictions! and always getting on wrong side of market.
See his latest tweet. What a pity, it went wrong. Money is the root of all evil.

Sundar provided advisory services without SEBI registration .
The website had posts from August 27, 2013 onwards. The website has a tab titled “Advisory” wherein
the following is mentioned, Advisory services , Daily calls on Telegram

"We will be giving daily calls on what positions to take, adjustments,
etc. on telegram messaging app”

The website also provided a payment link including a Razorpay link. The advisory fees collected in the said ICICI Bank account no. ……0393 through Razorpay and direct credits are Rs. 4,36,42,503.13/- and Rs. 23,53,260/- respectively.

He also cannot trade for one year.