Option selling or Course selling?

See the screenshot. 5 Lakhs profit amazing. However see what is happening behind the scenes
These are not Intraday trades but NRML trades. The quantity is around 400 lots ( bank nifty lotsize 25 )
To do 400 lots, 35000*400 = 1 crore 40 lakhs margin is required. Now the profit generated normal for options trading , considering the risk he took.

He might have taken underlying and might have pledged the position which might serve as a hedge. He might even have taken opposing position in another account just to show this profit.

Why these huge profit numbers are being shown ?
The main reason why these profits are being shared is to entice people to attend his training program which give better ROI.
Course Value 10000.Rs. If he get 5000 people, the total will be 5 crores which is more profitable than these high risk trades.

Margin calculation