Daily OI Changes near week expiry BankNifty



MPC hikes rate by .25%

The situation was such that market was down past 5 or 6 days. Banknify held 40000 level. However on March 1 an upmove made Call Sellers running for cover from 40000 CE to 40500 CE

The short covering rally of Friday March 3 , 2022 was brutal

Monday 6March 2023.
Tomorrow Market Holiday on account of Holi

25th May 2023 Monthly expiry

Yesterday was FINNIFTY expiry. This happened in BANKNIFTY on 2023 May 30

BANKNIFTY June 1 2023 Expiry

22 June 2023.
Went above +4M. Then came down to -8M. Then back to 0. Then settled at -4M.

2023-June-22 Weekly expiry
Reversal at 13:06 PM

13:42 PM Unwinding started.

Max OI reached 15M for 44 CE at one point.

Expiry happened on Wedesday 28th of June 2023.
Bullish one. On Tuesday after expiry day was moved ahead market rallied breaking 44000.

On July 4th 2023 Finnifty expiry day. Banknifty reversal at 13:38

Aug 23. Before Chandrayan Launch BankNifty did a short covering rally.

Sept 28 2023

Oct 10, 2023 short covering rally . See CE unwinding